Taco Bell Employee Allegedly Helps Customer ‘Live Mas’ By Shooting Him With a BB Gun

–Steve Helber/Associated Press

A Taco Bell employee in Springfield allegedly shot a customer with a BB gun multiple times and also struck him with the weapon yesterday. The incident occured at 4:00 a.m., because of course it did.

When the officers arrived at the fast-food restaurant, the alleged victim was banging on the doors. He told police that he had to wait for a long time at the drive-through window while trying to order tacos. He then banged on the window and yelled. He still wasn’t helped, leading to a confrontation with Steven Noska, 26. Here’s the rest of the report, which is too beautiful to be summarized:

The victim became angry (cause he was hungry) and parked his vehicle and went to the door (which was locked) and started to bang to get some assistance and make a complaint about the poor service. The restaurant was open for business but this customer was not getting help. An employee from the Taco Bell came to the door and an argument ensued between the employee and customer. The employee shoved the customer out and the confrontation became physical and the employee then went to his car and came out with a handgun (that turned out to be a BB pistol) and threatened the customer. The victim claims he was shot several times by BB’s and then struck with the weapon. The employee went back into the restaurant and the police were called. Several subjects in the area recorded the incident on their cell phones and showed police.


If you have video of this encounter, please send it to us. Noska was charged with three counts of assault and battery and his BB gun was confiscated. The hungry victim may have found another way to satisfy his appetite: police said he left bite marks on Noska’s arm.

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