Video: Boston Family Caught in Alps Avalanche

A Boston family set out to break a world record last month, but instead wound up with a video of their narrow escape from an avalanche on the tallest mountain in the French Alps. Paul Sweeney and his children found themselves caught on a section of Mont Blanc called “the corridor of death,’’ and recently released a video of the incident.

ABC reported that Sweeney’s children were attempting to become the youngest children to reach the ’’highest, deadliest peak in the swiss alps’’ when they got caught up in the barrage. The video shows two of Sweeney’s children, Shannon, 11, and P.J., 9, screaming as the snow beneath them begins to slide.

ABC News | ABC Sports News

“Both children were tethered to their father, an experienced climber who was the last line of defense against falling down the mountain,’’ Good Morning America reported. “He was able to stop the family from falling and other climbers in the area came to the children’s rescue.’’

Sweeney says he used an ice ax to anchor himself and his kids to the mountain, and told ABC he “felt like an antelope being ripped down by a lion by the waist.’’ The trio decided to descend the mountain after the avalanche rather than continue on.

No one was injured, and Sweeney says he regrets that his wife and youngest son didn’t experience the slide with them. P.J. says he’s eager to return to climbing while Shannon told Good Morning America she will return to climbing next year, “but not really to hold a record, just to have fun.’’

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