JFK Jr. Died 15 Years Ago Today

JFK Jr. attended a “Profile in Courage’’ Awards dinner.
JFK Jr. attended a “Profile in Courage’’ Awards dinner. –GLOBE

Fifteen years ago on July 16, 1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash, along with his wife and sister-in-law. He was 38.

According to the History Channel, Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette were flying near Martha’s Vineyard on their way to a wedding when their single-engine plane crashed into the Atlantic.

Kennedy Jr., born November 25, 1960, was named after his father, JFK. After the 35th US president’s assassination, a three-year-old Kennedy Jr. attended his father’s funeral.

His own watery death would continue a long-line of tragic Kennedy deaths, often known as the “Kennedy Curse.’’

Some facts you might not know about JFK Jr.:


1. He founded the political magazine “George,’’ which grew to have a circulation of more than 400,000.

2. He never sought public office.

3. In 1988, he was named “Sexiest Man Alive’’ by “People’’ magazine.

4. Former president Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton attended his funeral.

5. In 2000, the National Transportation Safety Board determined that the fatal plane crash was caused by an “inexperienced pilot who became disoriented in the dark and lost control.’’

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