Maybe We Should Divide Massachusetts Into Multiple States redesigns the state. redesigns the state.

A Silicon Valley-based billionaire venture capitalist has collected enough signatures to get his plan to split California into six separate states on the state’s 2016 ballot.

Timothy Draper, founder of a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that has invested in Twitter, Skype and Tesla, has pushed for months for a statewide ballot initiative that would break up the country’s most populated state. According to The Six Californias’ campaign website, the state needs a “reboot,’’ including “more local and more responsive government.’’

It may sound crazy, but with 1.3 million signatures, the proposal has been submitted to the state, and there have already been maps drawn up of what the splintered ’’Golden State’’ would look like.


It got the staff thinking: How would we split up Massachusetts?

We got some interesting responses:

1. “Keep the Cape, annex western Mass. Everything west of I-84 will do the trick. Just give it to Connecticut and New York.’’

2. “North Shore and South Shore should get split up. There’s got to be a way they could have some kind of inter-state battle regularly between them.’’

3. “Harvard should become a sovereign nation.’’

4. “We could take on Rhode Island (who already considers the Patriots their own) and no one would notice.’’

5. “Create the most oddly-shaped state by smushing together Mass. and Vermont, since that’s the true prize in New England. Maybe Maine can come party too.’’

6. “How productive would a state of just Cambridge and Somerville be? Camberville? Toss in Medford and Malden, too, for fun. We did come up with jingle bells, and that’s on par with anything MIT has done.’’

7. “Divide Massachusetts into three states, by county lines. Western Mass. would start at Worcester county, Middlesex/Norfolk/Suffolk/Essex should be a its own state, with Bristol/Plymouth/Barnstable/Dukes/Nantucket being their own. It’s a simple slice and dice operation. Problem is, the Berkshire’s probably don’t want any part of Worcester. And nobody wants any part of them.’’


8. “Cambridge/Somerville is its own state. Back Bay/South End is its own state. Roxbury, Mission Hill, JP, etc. is a state. Everything else in Boston: Own state. Everything else within 495, own, terrible New Jersey-style state. Everything else: Florida.’’

9. “Obviously the Cape should be its own state.’’

10. “Allston/Brighton become Hamsterdam. Eliminate Springfield altogether. Maybe it becomes a waterpark.’’

11. “Mass. should be divided into two separate states: One where the primary form of bowling is Candlepin, and the other where Ten-pin rules. If this makes no sense to you, then let me be the first to say “Welcome to eastern Massachusetts.’’’’

12.’’Make Provincetown its own state with Truro, Mass. Call it The Bear Republic. It would be glorious.’’

13. We didn’t have the chance to get input from everyone, but stands to reason someone might have suggested making Revere a separate state, or possibly state capital.

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