Mayor Walsh Announces Immigrant Integration Programs

Mayor Marty Walsh spoke to reporters in Boston.
Mayor Marty Walsh spoke to reporters in Boston. –JESSICA RINALDI/ GLOBE

Mayor Marty Walsh announced a search for a new staff member who will increase immigrants’ community engagement and signed a bill in support of bilingual ballot legislation this week.

According to a press release from the mayor’s office, The New Bostonians Fellowship Program will select a new staff member to expand “welcoming’’ initiatives in Boston. The fellow would report to the mayor, and his office states they are looking for “entrepreneurial self-starters’’ with at least five years of professional experience in public policy, public administration or immigrant affairs.’’

The press release also states:

The Fellowship will help research and implement successful immigration integration best practices, develop a campaign to help change the rhetoric about immigrants and increase engagement and partner with organizations to facilitate workshops that offer leadership training for achieving more active roles in decision-making bodies.

Applications for the fellowship are being accepted till Aug.11. The compensation? $70,000 and benefits.

“This is a great opportunity for highly motivated leaders who are looking to play an active role and contribute significantly to the fabric of Boston,’’ said Alejandra St. Guillen, Director of the Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians. “We are looking for dynamic, creative people who understand the need for action and are passionate about addressing immigrant integration challenges.’’

Mayor Walsh also signed a bill which will provide bilingual ballots for state and federal elections transliterated (substitution of characters for sounds) into Chinese and translated into Vietnamese.


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