MIT Students Enjoy Tetris-Shaped Hash Browns, Because of Course

Breakfast with a side of nerd. Yum.
Breakfast with a side of nerd. Yum. –Maia Weinstock, MIT

Hash browns already slotted their way into a complete breakfast, but MIT — as they do — have taken the side dish to the next level.

Students and faculty alike were able to enjoy Tetris-themed hash browns in the university student center Wednesday, with at least one taste-tester describing the offering as “delicious.’’

It’s not the campus’s first homage to the video game classic — last year, pranksters converted the entire side of a high-rise building on the campus into a giant, playable version of the classic game.

The iconic puzzle game, created by Soviet computer scientist Alexey Pajitnov, turns 30 this year.


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