Passersby Break Car Window to Save Toddler in Hot Car

A Plymouth man was summonsed to court after passersby broke a car window to help free his distraught toddler daughter on a hot Sunday afternoon, the Brockton Enterprise reports.

Robert Nell, 42, was reportedly summonsed for the reckless endangerment of a child by Marshfield Police.

The Enterprise reports:

Officers spoke to the two witnesses. One witness said the car was locked, all the windows were rolled up, there was no air conditioning on and the baby was “crying hysterically,’’ Taber said.

The witness had gone inside, told her husband and called 911.

“The witness said her husband went outside and saw the little girl crying and gasping for breath, at which point he grabbed a hammer out of his garage and smashed the front driver’s side window,’’ Taber said.

Police told the paper that the child had been locked in the car for at least ten minutes, and was visibly shaking when freed.


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