Newton T Bus Driver Wants License Back after Accident that Injured Seven

Shanna Shaw

The former MBTA bus driver Shanna Shaw who lost her job and driver’s license after driving a bus off the road and leaving it dangling over the Mass. Pike, asked a state board to reinstate her license Thursday, July 17.

Shaw, 43, allegedly used her cell phone while driving, The Boston Globe reports, and the bus careened around a corner and slammed into the guardrail of an overpass, injuring seven.

The Globe reports:

Shaw’s attorney, Michael Nunner, said at today’s hearing that Shaw had a pending job offer and needed a car to get to and from that and also to get to doctor’s appointments and run errands for her three children. The Board of Appeal for the Division of Insurance took Shanna Shaw’s request under advisement.

Shaw was arraigned on obstruction of justice charges after being accused of lying to investigators about the crash. She allegedly told them she did not have a cell phone with her at the time of the incident, but surveillance footage from the bus showed that she appeared to have a phone in her hand. She said a sneezing attack caused the accident.

MBTA policy states that operators are not allowed to have cell phones with them while working.


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