Rally Planned Over Noose Found Hanging at Worcester Post Office

A community rally is planned early next week in Worcester after a noose was spotted hanging in the employee area of the city’s post office, the Worcester Telegram reports.

A man who approached the post office counter in June noticed the noose hanging from the ceiling and brought it to the attention of the postal worker. The man said the worker ignored his request that the noose be taken down because it was offensive, so he took photos of it and notified the NAACP, WCVB reports.

The noose was reportedly hanging at the same time President Obama attended the graduation ceremony for students at Worcester Tech High School. It remained there for more than two weeks before employees took it down.


The US inspector general’s office is conducting a federal investigation into the case.

In the meantime, Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty called for the community rally against hate to be held on Tuesday.

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