Beverly, Mass. Police Receive Justin Bieber’s Beverly Hills Party Complaint

Justin Bieber in L.A. on December 18.
Justin Bieber in L.A. on December 18. –Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

A Beverly Police Department Facebook post has some Massachusetts residents confused about whether or not Justin Bieber was partying on the North Shore late last night.

On Sunday morning, the department posted an update saying a citizen called to complain about an out-of-control rooftop party at Justin Bieber’s mansion:

The Oakhurst home the caller was referring to is most likely Bieber’s Beverly Hills $27,000/month condo in California. But Beverly, Mass. police told this isn’t the first time they’ve gotten this kind of call.

California residents using phone providers’ 411-type information services to contact Beverly Hills police have occasionally been connected to the similarly-named Massachusetts city’s police department, Beverly Police said.


So it seems the controversial pop star wasn’t entertaining in the Bay State last night after all, despite some commenters misunderstanding the BPD Facebook post. It’s hard not to appreciate the department’s use of #Beiberproblems (sic), though.

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