Chelsea Family Cashed in 140 Winning Lottery Tickets in Past Two Years

File –The Boston Globe

A Chelsea family has claimed prizes for 140 lottery tickets worth at least $1,000 each over the past two years, reports The Boston Globe.

Are they just lucky? Officials are skeptical of the nearly impossible odds, and say the Brudnick family could be working with scratch-ticket winners to claim their winnings for them, collecting a small portion of the payoff.

The Globe reported that “state lottery officials suspect the Brudnicks could be Ten Percenters — people cashing in winning tickets for customers who don’t want to go to the lottery offices to claim the prize themselves (something required for any tickets of $600 or more). In return, the ticket cashers are thought to keep a small portion of the winnings as a commission, say 10 percent.’’


The family declined to discuss the tickets, but have reportedly retrieved more than $440,000 in winnings over the past couple of years.

Read the full Globe story here.

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