Dude Seen Shaving Other Guy on Orange Line

We’ve all seen some really weird things on the Orange Line, so it’s hard to know whether we should be surprised by — or shrug at — a photo making the rounds on social media this weekend.

David Ertischek was near the Forest Hills stop with his wife when the pair observed two men: one sitting down, and the other carefully dry shaving his face.

The grooming ritual went on for several stops, Ertischek told Boston.com.

“People were getting on and (consistently) surprised at what they were seeing,’’ he said. “The shavee had no complaints and was totally calm.’’


“Almost seemed like they had done it before,’’ he added. “We were all impressed.’’

The shavee did not reciprocate, according to Ertischek.

The picture was retweeted over 100 times by various accounts and even earned a comment from the MBTA Transit Police.

“Please refrain from shaving your fellow passenger while traveling on [the] T,’’ the department tweeted. “Thx.’’

Hey, at least they weren’t clipping their toenails.

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