Woman Ticketed After Rescuing Orphaned Ducklings on Highway

A woman in New Hampshire was issued a $100 ticket after stopping in a highway median to help a group of stranded ducklings, according to according to WCVB.

The woman, Hallie Bibeau, had to hit her brakes to avoid hitting the animals. She then pulled over and noticed that the ducklings’ mother had been hit and killed. While she called 911, a few of the ducklings wandered into one of the highway lanes and got run over. Bibeau then left her car to save the two surviving ducklings.


Not far behind was a state trooper. He asked for Bibeau’s identification and issued her $100 ticket for stopping in the median, a prohibited area.

“We keep our medians free for vehicles who are truly having an emergency, such as the vehicle that was up ahead,’’ [state police Lt. Nicole Armaganian] Armaganian said. “Stopping for an injured duck or ducklings is not what we would consider to be an emergency.’’

Bibeau said she will contest the ticket, but even if she has to pay, she’d do it all over again.


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