Dairy Truck Crashes, Ice Cream Is Safe

A Cape Dairy truck became a convertible in Kingston, Mass. today after trying to drive under a low bridge.

The truck, reported by 7News’ Byron Barnett to be 12 feet 6 inches tall, attempted to drive under a rail bridge that was 11 feet 7 inches tall. To its credit, nearly all of the truck made it through. But not all — the truck emerged from under the tunnel sans roof:

A Cape Dairy employee told Boston.com the driver’s name was Matt Burke. Barnett said Burke told police he was following his GPS, which apparently does not include data on truck and bridge heights. He was cited and the investigation is ongoing, Barnett said, adding that Burke was “too embarrassed’’ to talk to reporters.


Cape Dairy told Boston.com that Burke would be getting a ride home with his wife.

No one was injured in the accident, and Kingston police Lt. Thomas Kelly told Boston.com that there was no ice cream in the truck at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, some milk and other dairy products were damaged.

Spilled milk could be seen on the street in photos from the scene.

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