Lowell Man Allegedly Breaks Into Apartment, Leaves Keys Behind

Joel Nieves is wanted by police for charges of armed burglary.
Joel Nieves is wanted by police for charges of armed burglary. –Chelmsford Police

A Lowell man is learning the hard way not to forget where you leave your keys.

28-year-old Joel Nieves is wanted by police on charges of armed burglary after police found a backpack holding the man’s keys at the scene of a house invasion. On June 28, a resident off Littleton Road returned home to find his sliding door opened and a man in his home. The suspect threatened to kill the resident, and the resident then confronted the suspect and swung a flashlight at him. The suspect fled the home.

Chelmsford police believe the suspect had forgotten his backpack, and so returned to the home in an attempt to retrieve it. That backpack was found to be full of baseball cards, an iPad, a digital camera, a high school class ring with the home resident’s name on it, and a set of keys. Those keys were found to belong to an apartment complex where Nieves was believed to live.


Nieves is a “career criminal,’’ according to police. He is not currently in custody.

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