Market Basket Launches its First Official Website, in 2014

Only 98 years into its history and nearly 25 years after the launch of the first web browser, Market Basket decided to dip its toe into the digital water and launch the company’s first official website Wednesday.

WBUR reports that the development came only hours after the publication of their report on, an unofficial site for the grocery chain launched by 29-year-old customer Michael Devaney. The new site also includes a number of images taken from the unofficial page.

Devaney told WBUR that he built the site after realizing there were no options for customers to check store hours online:

Devaney made a logo, registered, uploaded the store locations and hours and people came in droves.

“It’s very addicting,’’ he said.

He started scanning and posting the weekly circular. He listed sales and linked to coupons. Advertising dollars started rolling in, enough for him to quit his job to work full-time on the site. Traffic has boomed to a 1.2 million unique visitors a month, an astounding amount for a one-person website.

“It handles the traffic,’’ Devaney said. “People love it. And I like them to be on the site because I built it. And I feel proud of it, you know?’’


The development comes at a fairly curious time, given the company’s highly visible PR crisis surrounding the ouster of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. For example, the new corporate-owned site includes images of this week’s circular, like the one below:

Market Basket

But you may want to check Twitter before heading to your local branch for some of these deals:

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