Mass.’s Official Site Is Promoting New Zealand

Not Massachusetts.
Not Massachusetts. –Screenshot/

Close, but not quite. In a post promoting the bike trails of this fine state, the Commonwealth’s official website displayed a gorgeous seaside trail in New Zealand.

As The Boston Globe discovered, a July 15 post on urging residents to “explore Massachusetts bike trails and paths’’ and contending that “cyclists love Massachusetts because of the beautiful scenery and variety of terrain available across the state,’’ actually used a stock photo of a bike trail in Auckland. Auckland is in New Zealand, which is not Massachusetts. Several posts on the site’s blog use stock images of things that are pretty clearly not in Massachusetts. Today’s post, for example, depicts people unloading a moving truck in front of a home with a sign that says “Vendida’’ on it. That’s “sold’’ in Spanish.


The Globe could not reach the people behind for comment or explanation.

Boston is sister cities with Melbourne, Australia, but has no sister cities in New Zealand. Auckland’s only American sister city is Los Angeles.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: recommends the Charles River Bike Path for “a new perspective on the city.’’

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