Police Ask for Help Finding Alleged Davis Square Bike Thieves

MBTA Transit Police are asking residents to keep their eyes out for two men accused of stealing bicycles at the Davis MBTA Station earlier this month.

A post on the department’s blog reports that the two men were captured on surveillance footage stealing two bicycles from racks on the station’s Holland Street side around 5 p.m. on July 1.

In the stills, one man wearing a grey tank top and beige shorts with a shaved head is seen sitting on a bike.

Another suspect is seen wearing glasses, a black t-shirt and dark green cargo shorts. He appears to be wearing gloves while handling the allegedly stolen bicycle.


It’s the second request from the department this week seeking the public’s help in identifying alleged bike thieves caught on camera — last week, they posted stills from footage capturing a reported burglary at Back Bay station.

Anyone who can identify the men are asked to contact the department’s Criminal Investigations Unit at (617) 222-1050.

Those who wish to remain unidentified can send an anonymous tip via text message to 873873 or by using the “anonymous’’ feature on the department’s SeeSay app for Apple– or Android-based devices.

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