Boston Globe: Jury Awards $14m for 2008 Nursing Home Death

A Middlesex County jury has awarded a family $14 million after deciding that one woman’s care at a now-closed Danvers nursing home was so negligent that it led to her death, the Boston Globe reports.

Ninety-year-old Genevieve Calandro, who received care at Radius HealthCare Center in Danvers, was found to have severe medical conditions by hospital workers only after she was admitted for falling out of her wheelchair. Calandro died a month later in August 2008.

According to the Globe:

Calandro said his mother was a happy woman who devoted her life to family and seldom complained, yet they could tell she was not feeling well in June 2008, and kept asking staffers at the nursing home about their concerns. They were repeatedly assured there was no problem.

The settlement is reportedly the largest nursing home-related verdict in Massachusetts in the last decade.

Read the full Boston Globe story here.


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