Boston Is Even More Historic Than Previously Thought

Good news, Boston journalists! We now work in a National Historic Site in Journalism.

The honor comes from the Society of Professional Journalists, which noted that the first five of seven newspapers on this continent were published here and listed a few accomplishments of local papers past and present. The Boston Globe, for instance, “printed the first full-page newspaper advertisement.’’

Several individual Boston publications have made the SPJ’s national historic sites list since its inception in 1942, including The Christian Science Monitor, New England Courant, and the Boston Gazette. But now the entire city is a site, which presumably makes those publications double super historic sites.

Emerson College journalism professor Manny Paraschos, whose students, BostInno found, created a Boston Journalism Trail map, nominated the city for the honor.

A plaque will be placed in a location yet to be named to commemorate the achievement.


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