Doh! Someone Graffitied Homer Simpson’s Face on the MFA

It’s not Banksy-quality work, but the graffiti on the outside of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts still has museum officials in a tizzy.

A graffiti artist spray painted Homer Simpson’s face on three different exterior walls of the MFA, as well as on the base of a statue outside the Huntington Avenue entrance. The graffiti artist also spray painted the phrase “tell the truth’’ on the wall of a ramp leading up to the building.

Boston Magazine’s Steve Annear reports that a groundskeeper discovered the graffiti on Friday morning when she was walking around the art museum. “I’m bummed, and the community inside is just, like, ‘wow,’’’ she told Annear. “It’s really too bad.’’

But if you were hoping to visit the special Simpsons “exhibit’’ before it leaves the MFA, you’re out of the luck. The graffiti has already been removed.


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