Of Course There’s a Market Basket Protest Song (And it’s Really Kind of Good)

Monkey Basket Knife created a Market Basket protest anthem.
Monkey Basket Knife created a Market Basket protest anthem. –SCREENSHOT

You might have thought that customers and employees involved in the Market Basket saga had finally exhausted the different methods of showing their support for Arthur T. Demoulas. You thought wrong.

A Merrimack Valley-based band “Monkey Knife Fight’’ has created a Market Basket protest anthem, and it’s pretty good. The song is a parody to “Rude’’ by Canadian band Magic!

According to The Boston Globe, Monkey Knife Fight front man Felipe Collazo wrote the lyrics, which mainly describe how difficult it is for former Market Basket customers to find a new place to shop.

As the song opens, Collazo says, “This one goes out to all our fellow Market Basketeers with no place to call home right now,’’ as bandmate Jon Powell strums a guitar.


Excerpts of the lyrics:

“Saturday morning go to the Basket,

my fridge has no food.

Need to buy yogurt and baby carrots,

I need my orange juice.

Walked in the store came out empty handed, now can I ask you a question?’’

Beneath the music video, it states: “Monkey Knife Fight knows the struggle is real for all our Market Basketeers. This one if for you!’’ As of noon Friday, July 25, the song had over 34,000 hits.

We wonder if those protesting today in Tewksbury will burst out in song.

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