Brookline Third ‘Snobbiest’ Small City in America

Fairsted Kitchen, left, and Barcelona Wine Bar in Washington Square, Brookline. The Boston Globe

If you feel like Wellesley and Newton just aren’t snooty enough for you, maybe you should move to Brookline.

According to a recent ranking by Movoto Real Estate Blog, the 6.8 square-mile town is the third “snobbiest’’ small city in America. Palo Alto, Calif., and Bethesda, Md., secured the No. 1 and No. 2 spots, respectively.

Movoto made a list of places in the US with populations between 45,000 and 65,000 people (what it considered a “small’’ city), then took data from the US Census and business listings, focusing on criteria they considered “snobby.’’

What they looked for:

-Median home price (the higher the better)


-Median household income (the higher the better)

-Percent of population with a college degree (the higher the better)

-Private schools per capita (the more the better)

-Performing arts per capita (the more the better)

-Art galleries per capita (the more the better)

-Fast food restaurants per capita (the fewer the better)

Omitting towns they couldn’t get data for, Movoto was left with 309 places to rank:

Then, we ranked each place in each category from one to 309, with scores closer to one being better and more snobby. Once we had that, we averaged each place’s rankings into one Big Deal Score. The place with the number closest to one for that score became our snobbiest place.

With its median home price of $681,900, a third place ranking in college graduation percentage, and a dearth of McDonald’s restaurants (the town has the third fewest non-fast food restaurants per capita), Brookline sure does seem a little hoity-toity.

But hey, what’s so bad about having a reputation for being refined and cultured?

Not only is it home to the Coolidge Corner Theatre, a “cultural landmark,’’ Brookline is home to The Country Club, established in 1882 and one of the oldest country clubs in the country. It boasts an equestrian and social club, a professional culinary team, and five indoor tennis courts. (Not too shabby.)

The 58,732-person town is also home to upscale restaurants like La Morra on Boylston Street and the Barcelona Wine Bar on Beacon Street.

Sounds pretty good to us, but if your salary doesn’t quite meet Brookline-living requirements, remember that Massachusetts has quite a few other great places to live.



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