Body Found in Box on Duxbury Lawn

A box containing a body was discovered in Duxbury on Sunday. A source with knowledge of the situation told the box was wrapped in cellophane.

The Duxbury Clipper reported that Chandler and Hector Rodriguez discovered the box on their Alexander Way front lawn Sunday morning.

From the Duxbury Clipper:

“We thought it was unusual because the area is usually so clean,’’ Chandler said.

Hector pulled over and the two went over to check out what appeared to be a cardboard box. A neighbor came over to join them and as they approached the package they picked up a bad smell.

“At first we thought it was just trash, but when we got close we discovered a terrible stench,’’ he said.

A state police bomb squad x-rayed the package and said the contents appeared to be human remains. By late Sunday night, Duxbury Police confirmed the container did contain human remains.

The state medical examiner’s office has possession of the remains and is working to determine an identity. Investigators are asking anyone with information to contact Duxbury Police or the Plymouth District Attorney’s office.


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