Mass. Is the Crazy Cat Lady-est State in the Union

Prince, a cat owned by Jan Van Riper of Vineyard Haven.
Prince, a cat owned by Jan Van Riper of Vineyard Haven. –Lynn Christoffers

Do you live in Massachusetts and think cats rule and dogs drool? You’re not alone. Massachusetts pet owners vastly prefer cats to dogs, according to The Washington Post.

The Post used data from the American Veterinary Medical Association, which said that Massachusetts has 1.59 million cats to 0.85 million dogs, for a ratio of 1.87 cats for every dog, or one cat and one cat with only three legs for every one dog.

Other New England states also proved to be crazy cat ladies. Of the top 10 cat-preferring states, Maine placed third (1.66), Vermont was fourth (1.65), Connecticut was fifth (1.57) and New Hampshire was seventh (1.46). Rhode Islanders, the outliers, like cats and dogs equally.


This matches up with a recent report from Estately, which ranked four New England states in its top 10 best states for cat lovers list. Maine took the top spot, but Massachusetts came in ninth place. Rhode Island didn’t make that list, either. Estately cited the number of cat homes to dog homes, the many no-kill shelters, and the higher average life span of cats here as reasons for the ranking. It also called Massachusetts a “Happy home 4 [sic] kittens.’’

So, where are all dog lovers? Down south: Arkansas had the highest dog-to-cat ratio (1.35), followed by New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

The Post also noted that as a whole, America has slightly more cats than dogs. This could be because cats are better than dogs (yes, they are). It might also be because cats are smaller and easier to take care of than dogs, so many homes have multiple cats.

It could also be the crazy cat ladies.

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