If You Were Stranded on a Whale Watching Boat, Which Boston Personality Would You Want Onboard?

A boat picked up lobster traps in Boston Harbor.
A boat picked up lobster traps in Boston Harbor. –DAVID RYAN/ GLOBE

You can’t have both Mark and Donnie Wahlberg. There are rules.

You might have heard that a whale-watching boat from Boston Harbor Cruises became stranded 15 miles off of Salem on Monday after its propeller became entangled with a lobster trap, leaving 157 passengers and six crew members stuck on board overnight.

Though they safely made it back to Boston Tuesday morning, we can’t help but wonder if the marooned passengers contemplated recreating scenes from “Castaway’’ or “Gilligan’s Island’’ as the sun set on their failed excursion.

Imagine being trapped on board. Surely over the course of those 15 hours, you might start to play some games — such as, “If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want with you?’’ (Boston Harbor remix edition)


We’ve compiled a list of some famous Boston personalities, and we’re curious who our Boston readers would choose as their cast away companions.

Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg: Maybe he would rap his ‘90s hit “Good Vibrations’’ for you.

Donnie Wahlberg: You could convince him to let you make a guest appearance on “Wahlburgers.’’

Tom Brady: While he’s sleeping, you could throw his shirt overboard. Or, like, talk football.

Gisele Bundchen: Perhaps she’d share the secrets of life with you, from effortlessly capturing candid moments on Instagram, to having perpetually silky hair and making truckloads of money.

Arthur T. Demoulas: If you’re still all jazzed up over the #MarketBasket saga of the century, you’ll never find yourself in such informed company.

Arthur S. Demoulas: Let’s be real, if anyone ever needed a friend right now, it’s probably this guy.

Ben Affleck: We’re just as confused as you are over Affleck’s new role as the next “Batman.’’ But maybe he would let you wear the cape.

Matt Damon: Let’s hope he doesn’t go all “Departed’’ on you and throw you overboard.

Taylor Schilling: She’s already (kind of) been in prison, so she’d probably be really good with sharing confined quarters.


Mindy Kaling: As we saw with Kaling’s Harvard commencement speech, she’s absolutely hilarious and would most likely do improv with you.

Jenny Slate: Also hilariously funny. Slate could do stand-up for you while you throw back beers and do cannonballs into the harbor.

Johnny Depp: He’s on the list for now since he’s been filming “Black Mass’’ in Beantown. He seems like a natural choice since he has experience from “Pirates of the Caribbean’’ with A. being stranded; and B. being on a boat. Plus, we bet he can hold his rum.

Who would you choose? (We’re also open to other suggestions)

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