Maine Community Shocked By Murder-Suicide

Members of the community in Saco, Maine left flowers and stuffed animals at a memorial site after a man apparently killed his wife, their three children, and then himself over the weekend, The Boston Globe reported.

The report quoted several neighbors who were upset and described the news as haunting.

As rain fell, residents stood on their porches reflecting and smoking cigarettes. Some who knew the family could not hold back tears.

“My kids are young too so it’s really sad,’’ said 28-year-old Annie Dore. “It’s very painful, you know, just knowing my kids are the same age as them. I just don’t understand why someone would do this.’’

Dave Tourigny, who lives across the street from the complex, said he heard four pops in succession — and a fifth one minutes later — on Saturday night.

“You don’t think you heard a gunshot,’’ Tourigny said. “There was no yelling, no screaming, just the shots. I just figured it was firecrackers.’’

He said the news of the killings has haunted him. He was especially bothered by the violence against the children.

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.


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