Man Charged With Rape During Keith Urban Concert

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy –Mansfield Police Department

A Boston man has been charged with raping a 17-year-old during the booze-soaked Keith Urban concert last weekend that resulted in 50 arrests and 46 people treated for alcohol-related illnesses, 22 of whom were sent to a local hospitals.

One of those arrests was Sean Murphy, 18, of West Roxbury. According to The Sun Chronicle, Murphy is accused of raping a 17-year-old girl he met at the concert. Onlookers allegedly captured the incident on their cell phones, but no one actually intervened until an off-duty Peabody police officer noticed the commotion. The officer asked the girl if the act was consensual and, when told it was not, pulled Murphy off of her, according to the report. Murphy was arrested shortly afterward.


On Monday, Murphy pleaded not guilty to forcible rape. His lawyer told the Sun Chronicle the sex was consensual. Police believe both Murphy and the girl were drinking.

The Mansfield Police Department is asking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or took photos or videos of it to contact the Mansfield Police Detective Division at (508) 261-7300.

A spokeswoman for Live Nation, which runs the Xfinity Center in Mansfield where the concert took place, told “It is our understanding that the authorities are conducting an investigation. Therefore, please direct any inquiry to the proper authorities. In the interim, we will continue to cooperate with the authorities as we always do.’’

Earlier and in response to the mass alcohol arrests and hospitalizations, the spokeswoman told The Boston Globe that “Our team works hard to offer a great concert experience … and an overwhelming majority of fans enjoyed the concert.’’

This post has been updated to add Mansfield PD contact information.

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