Mayor Walsh: Boston in ‘Very Good Position’ to Host 2024 Olympics

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. –Jessica Rinaldi/ The Boston Globe

Could Boston host the Olympics in 10 years? Mayor Marty Walsh thinks so, telling WGBH’s Boston Public Radio today that he believes Boston has a good chance win its bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. When asked for his opinion on the possibility of a 2024 Summer Olympics in the Bay State, Walsh stated: “I think Boston’s in a very good position… we still have to talk to the public.’’

Walsh’s comments came in the wake of Boston making the short list of possible host cities for the games. The reaction from some Bostonians has not been the most supportive. The city would most likely have to spend millions on infrastructure and games facilities to handle the massive influx of athletes, reporters, and tourists that come with the grandeur of the Olympics.


According to The Boston Globe, the most recent Winter Olympics cost Sochi $51 billion. Who knows what the summer games would cost Boston?

Walsh also told Boston Public Radio that he wouldn’t jeopardize Boston’s future for the prospective games, and that in terms of public transit some areas are better prepared for the possibility than others.

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