Menacing Maine Pig Captured!

The elusive pig, in jail
The elusive pig, in jail – Oakland Police Department

Oakland, Maine’s runaway pig – who threatened women and children alike – has finally been apprehended after several weeks on the lam.

The pig, who apparently was not given a name, allegedly chased after two children on July 8 and scared a woman a week later, forcing her to take cover on the railing of a bridge. Oakland police told they had been calling it “the elusive pig.’’

Law enforcement in the small town had to close down the walking trail between the town’s middle and high schools, where the fugitive was last seen, to avoid further pig ‘attacks.’ The trail was re-opened today when the pig was captured.


Oakland’s animal control officer and a federal agent from the U.S. Department of Agriculture spent the last two weeks tracking down the pig’s hideout and then baiting it into a pen.

—Oakland Police Department

“It was quite a process,’’ Oakland Police Chief Rick Stubbert told The officers actually ran into the pig on Monday, Stubbert said, and soon found that the hunters had become the hunted.

“It didn’t attack but it certainly was interested in them,’’ Stubbert said.

The black and white pig weighs about 80 pounds and had apparently escaped from a farm. According to the Morning Sentinel, the pig is four months old.

The no-longer-elusive animal was remanded into its owner’s custody.

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