Somerville Bicyclist Arrested, Charged With Running Red Light, Refusing to Identify Himself

It doesn’t happen often around these parts, but a bicyclist in Somerville actually faced consequences for running a red light.

The Somerville Journal reported that 28-year-old Matthew Szklarz was charged with a traffic violation and refusing to identify himself to a police officer after he allegedly ran a red light at the insersection of Webster Avenue and Washington Street last week.

According to the report, Szklarz allegedly ran the red light on July 22 and did not immediately pull over when an officer signaled him to do so. The officer reportedly had to step in front of the bicycle in order to get Szklarz to stop, and when the officer asked for identification, Szklarz allegedly refused.


The report said that the officer told Szklarz he would be arrested if he did not identify himself, but Szklarz allegedly continued to refuse, crossed his arms, and told the officer, “You can’t do that.’’

The Journal report said that after further refusal, Szklarz was placed under arrest.

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