New Hampshire Man Arrested on 15 Counts of Child Pornography

Christopher Merchant.
Christopher Merchant. –Concord Police Department

A 47-year-old Concord man was arrested on 15 counts of child pornography after police allege they found him in possession of images of young males in sexual poses, according to Concord police.

Christopher Merchant’s arrest came after an investigation that began in January 2013, when a juvenile contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to report that an adult male had been interacting with the juvenile on a social media website, police said. The adult allegedly asked the juvenile for nude photos and offered sexual acts.

Police tracked that adult’s screen name to a home address, which was listed in the sex offender registry as the residence of Merchant. Merchant entered the sex registry for a sexual assault convictionin 2005.


Merchant had several run-ins with other New Hampshire police departments as well. In February 2013, Manchester police found Merchant in a vehicle with a male juvenile, both fully clothed but with their pants on backwards. In March 2013, New Boston police found Merchant in a vehicle with a different 16-year-old male. Both juveniles separately told police they met Merchant online. Concord police say he “possibly’’ identified himself as an 18-year-old online with “Justin Kray’’ as his screen name.

In September 2013, Merchant was arrested for failing to register his online identifiers, including email addresses and screen names, with the state, a legal requirement for New Hampshire criminal offenders. A police search warrant of Merchant’s residence at that time recovered computers and other media. Those were allegedly found to have images of child pornography, resulting in the charges today.

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