Northampton Police Respond to Report of Gun, Find Man’s ‘Gun Show’ Instead

Bicep, or “gun’’
Bicep, or “gun’’ –iStock

A Northampton man took police to a metaphorical gun show on Tuesday after they responded to a call that he had a gun in his residence.

The 53-year-old man, whose name was not released, was armed with a clever response when police showed up on his doorstep. When asked if he had a gun, the man responded that he did. In fact, he had two: his biceps, which he then proceeded to flex for the officers.

A third non-gun was also found in the residence: a toy water gun.

The man, who police said appeared intoxicated, was not charged.

The police report did not note if the biceps were truly “gun’’ sized, but Det. Lt. Alan Borowski told that he has seen the man around town and so could give an estimate.

“For 53, he’s all right,’’ Borowski said. “But he was probably bigger back in the day.’’


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