Seasickness on the Stranded Whale-Watch Boat: ‘It Was Gross’

Sea sickness was a problem aboard the stranded whale watch boat.
Sea sickness was a problem aboard the stranded whale watch boat. –David L Ryan/The Boston Globe

When a three-hour whale watching tour boat got caught at sea and turned into an 18-hour ordeal, the 163 stranded passengers couldn’t keep all their food down.

As The Boston Globe explains, the whale watching boat’s propeller became stuck in a cable on Monday afternoon, and passenger Ken Maguire said he could tell immediately they had a problem.

“It was a sound like when you’re driving your car and you run over some rocks and you hear the bang on the muffler and kind of know something is wrong,’’ he said. Passengers were forced to stay on the boat all night until the boat’s propeller could be properly fixed.

With the 83-foot boat buffetted by rough winds and waves all night, some unfortunate passengers were pushed to expunge their stomach contents. A lot.

The Boston Globe explains:

“There was an 18-month-old baby that couldn’t keep her food down. One lady threw up at least 15 times. There were people hanging overboard. Others just threw up into bags at their table, then put their heads back down and someone came and got it. It was gross at first, then it became commonplace,’’ Maguire said.

Read the full report from the Globe here.


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