Mass. State Police Seize 182 Bags of Heroin from Vermont Man

–Massachusetts State Police

Massachusetts State Police seized 182 bags of heroin from a Vermont man who was driving in Deerfield Wednesday evening.

Police pulled over 30-year-old Paul Heim from Woodstock, Vt., while he was driving on Route 91 northbound at 6:50 p.m. According to State Police, the trooper attempted to arrest Heim when Heim got back in his car and sped away.

Heim was seen throwing an object from his car while driving, according to State Police. Police later found 182 bags of heroin, a plastic bag of cocaine and other drug paraphernalia. Helm led police on a 50-mile car chase before he was arrested and charged with drug possession, resisting arrest, assault and battery, and multiple motor vehicle violations.


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