A Dunkin Mystery in Revere

It’s a Revere mystery. Can you pin the tornado-damaged sign to the right Dunkin Donuts?

Reddit user DrDragun spotted the tidbit in a WCVB report about tornado damage in Revere. Skip ahead to the 1:34 mark in the video below to watch a resident point out the sign and explain the different possibilities of its origin:

A little levity is needed in Revere, since the city’s had such a rough week [I’m a Revere resident, so I know]. There are two Dunkin Donuts abutting Brown Circle in Revere, which are the likely sign owners. But Revere has nine Dunkin Donuts within its borders, so the sign could be from anywhere:

Of the nine, three were in the path of the tornado, which touched down along Broadway near Chelsea Creek and headed north up to Brown Circle.

[H/T Reddit r/Boston]


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