Melrose Manhunt Called Off, Officials Believe Suspects Fled City

A manhunt in Melrose for two suspects involved in a Revere carjacking has reportedly ended, with authorities expressing confidence the men are no longer in the city. Melrose residents are now clear to leave their homes after several hours on lock down.

Local, state, and regional law enforcement were all involved in the active search for the suspects. The two men are not believed to be armed but are considered dangerous, officials say.

Photos from the scene showed a heavy SWAT team and police presence in the area.

The two suspects are both described as white men. One is about 170 pounds wearing a pink shirt and black baseball hat, and the other is 190 pounds with beige pants and a black hat. Both were seen holding plastic shopping bags, according to police.


Earlier on Friday, the two suspects allegedly fled a cab without paying and then jumped into a nearby black SUV and drove off, Lt. Mark DeCroteau told Wicked Local. A 15-year-old boy was a passenger in that car. The men then left the SUV by Green Street Pharmacy and fled on foot. The boy was found unharmed.

Mayor Robert Dolan told NECN reporter Kathryn Sotnik the boy was able to get the attention of a nearby detail officer, who pulled the vehicle over. The suspects then reportedly fled the scene.

“For unknown reasons, they take off with this car,’’ DeCroteau told Wicked Local. “They go flying over to this area and they end up over here in Melrose.’’

They were last seen crossing Lynn Fells Parkway toward Linden Road, according to officials.

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