Transit Police’s ‘MBTA Etiquette’ Shares The Bad, The Ugly

–MBTA Transit Police via Twitter

Unicycles, public urination, barefoot riders, oh my! MBTA Transit Police sure love to humiliate their riders via Twitter.

@MBTATransitPD’s “MBTA etiquette’’ posts took public shaming to a new level this summer, with the department sharing photos of commuter antics they would like to discourage among their passengers. This is because, apparently, some people need a reminder to refrain from using the train platform floor as a personal workout area, among other things.

In honor of the Massachusetts Bay Tranportation Authority’s 50th birthday, here’s a look back at some people who definitely could have used a lesson in how to behave on the T.


1. Leave your unicycle at home. Or at least hold onto it while in transit.

2. Don’t be a litterbug.

3. No one wants to see your behind.

4. No one wants to see you clumsily urinate on the Red Line. (Apparently they just couldn’t decide which tweet was better.)

5. No matter how bad you need to shave, it can wait until you’re home.

6. Maybe sleep elsewhere.

7. Please, (PLEASE) put some shoes on.

8. Platforms are (unfortunately) not for pilates.

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