Cownapped Maine Store Mascot Found Safe

Charlie receives a police (boat) escort home.
Charlie receives a police (boat) escort home. – Maine State Police

Charlie has been found safe and returned to his Greene, Maine, home after going missing for several weeks. Also, Charlie is a life-sized replica of a steer made out of fiberglass.

Charlie was allegedly abducted in the dead of night by a person or persons earlier this month from his home in front of Town and Country Meats, where he has resided for the last 27 years.

He was found on a small island in the middle of the Androscoggin River, about two towns over from Greene. He was unharmed, the store’s office manager Danielle Petersdorf told, except for a scratch and some blue tape on his feet.


“He had a nice little vacation,’’ Petersdorf said. “We’re thrilled, we didn’t expect to get him back.’’

Maine State Police worked with the Maine Warden Service to rescue Charlie (“several troopers’’ had to be transported to the island by boat for the mission, police said. There was also at least one dog involved) and sail him back to the mainland:

A $500 reward was offered for Charlie’s return. The same day the reward was announced, according to the Portland Press-Herald, two people called “in quick succession’’ to say they’d spotted Charlie in what was surely a coincidence. Petersdorf told that the first, a man who was kayaking on the river when he saw Charlie on the island, got a $500 gift certificate to Town and Country. The second, a woman who was four-wheeling along the river, got a $100 gift certificate.

Petersdorf believes more than one person was involved in the theft, as Charlie is too large and too heavy to be carried by one person alone.

While Charlie is back in front of the store during the day, he will be brought indoors at night to prevent future cownappings.

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