Mass. Juror Tells Judge She Was Bullied

A Massachusetts juror claims she was so mistreated as the lone holdout in a high profile case that she nearly asked to be removed from the jury for the sake of her health, The Boston Globe reports.

According to the report, the jury had spent five weeks at trial and seven days deliberating the case of a Needham doctor who was allegedly careless in prescribing his patients painkillers. But when the anonymous holdout refused to change her stance, things reportedly turned ugly.

In plain, unvarnished language, the female juror wrote Judge Patti B. Saris that the stress of deliberating against 11 other jurors who wanted to convict the doctor was hurting her health and mental well-being.

“One of the jurors started yelling at me . . . and I left the courthouse thinking that I would rather break a toe than spend another day stuck in a room with the other jurors,’’ she wrote in a letter dated Aug. 4. “Whenever anyone gets irritated it does seem like I have become the scapegoat.’’

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.


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