Two People Allegedly Break Into Car, Fall Asleep in it, Get Arrested

Two people looking for forty winks now face criminal charges after police found them sleeping in a car that doesn’t belong to them this morning.

According to the Boston Police Department, an unidentified woman had just gotten off work and was about to get into her car, parked around 199 Harrison Ave., to go home. Presumably much to her surprise, she saw that her car was already occupied by two very tired complete strangers.

Jean Marcellus, 30, and Nicole Makseyn, 38, were “fast asleep.’’ They woke up when officers arrived and arrested them for breaking and entering a motor vehicle.

Several bags containing a “green leafy substance’’ were found on Marcellus, so he was also charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

The BPD report did not say if the pair continued their nap at the police station or were able to remain awake after their arrest.


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