Boston Took the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now it’s Your Turn, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles


Dear New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles,

You’re on notice.

We said we’d do it, and we did. More than 200 Bostonians lined up in Copley Square and doused themselves with buckets of ice water in an effort to raise awareness—and money—for ALS research. The Frates family, whose son Pete has inspired the challenge and fundraising for ALS research, was on hand to lead the charge.

Now it’s up to you, New York. Now it’s time for Chicago to get those broad shoulders wet. Now it’s time for the better angels of Los Angeles to step up and accept Boston’s challenge.


Take a bucket full of ice water and dump it over your collective heads. Help spread the word that ALS research needs the public’s support through awareness and donations. Get wet. Donate today.

All three of you may be bigger than Boston, but do you have our heart? Do you have our moxie? Are you ready to step up to fight ALS? Are you ready to take the Ice Bucket Challenge?

We think you are. Get to work.



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