Mass. Parole Board Orders Release of Second Man Convicted of Murder as Teen

A 36-year-old man convicted of stabbing a man to death at age 17 and sentenced to life in prison without parole was ordered to be released by the Massachusetts state parole board on Wednesday. He becomes the second such case in the state after the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that automatic life sentences without parole for crimes committed by juveniles were unconstitutional.

According to The Boston Globe, Anthony Rolon will spend a year in a lower-security prison, then be released. This comes roughly two months after the parole board voted to release Frederick Christian, another man convicted of murder at age 17 — and there may be more on the way:

The board has heard from four of the 65 inmates affected by a Supreme Judicial Court decision in December that stated it is unconstitutional to automatically sentence to life without parole defendants convicted of crimes they committed as juveniles. That decision was based largely on the growing scientific evidence that juveniles are less likely to consider consequences than adults.

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.


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