Australian Newspaper Photoshops Head of ‘Divisive’ Columnist Onto Body of Marathon Bombing Victim

The Daily Telegraph, a newspaper in Australia, is apologizing after photoshopping the head of Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mike Carlton onto the body of Boston Marathon bombing victim James Costello in a story about the columnist’s dramatic resignation.

According to Mumbrella, an organization that covers media and marketing in Australia, the image was used with an August 7 Telegraph story about Carlton’s resignation. He left his position over his “abusive’’ responses to readers following a controversial article he wrote about the conflict in Gaza.

The image showed Carlton’s head edited onto Costello’s body. According to Mumbrella’s report, the image appeared to depict Carlton as “a Palestinian fleeing an attack in Gaza.’’ The page from the Daily Telegraph that features the image can be seen in full here.


Carlton, who resigned from The Sydney Morning Herald after the paper announced plans to suspend him, responded to the image by telling Mumbrella it was a demonstration of “sewer journalism’’ and that the Telegraph was “the scum of the trade.’’

After the Telegraph was made aware of the source of the image, editor Paul Whittaker was quick to apologize for its use. In a statement to Mumbrella on Friday, Whittaker said the image was created during the “art production process’’ and that he was “unaware that that particular image had been partially used.’’ He called it an “inadvertent but regrettable mistake for which The Daily Telegraph apologises [sic] unreservedly.’’

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