Tsarnaev Attorneys: Move Trial Because of Media Bias

Attorneys for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have tried a new line of reasoning in their attempt to have the Boston Marathon bombing suspect’s trial moved to a new venue. In a new sworn declaration filed in federal court, trial venue expert Edward J. Bronson claimed the Boston Globe and other media outlets have included “an overload of inflammatory themes, words, phrases, and passages’’ that would poison any potential jury pool against Tsarnaev. Bronson is a professor at California State University Chico.

The Boston Globe reports:

The professor added that “terror,’’ “terrorist,’’ and related terms have been used to characterize Tsarnaev more than 1,400 times in the Globe. The specific word “terrorist’’ has been used more than 620 times, Bronson wrote, though “often the word was not used to characterize Mr. Tsarnaev, but as part of phrases like terrorist attack.’’

It was not clear, from the filing, if the references pertained to articles in the newspaper or online.

“The inflammatory coverage of the Boston Bombing case, even viewed solely through the Globe’s content, was overwhelming and thus extremely prejudicial,’’ Bronson wrote.

Click here to read the full Boston Globe report.


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