The Dropkick Murphys Butcher a Canadiens Doll for a 50k Montreal Crowd

Your move, Canadiens.

The Boston-based (duh) Dropkick Murphys played to 50,000 rock fans Saturday afternoon at the Heavy Montreal music festival, but didn’t let any Canadian niceties get in the way of repping the hometown team over their Montreal rivals.

Singer and hardcore Bruins fan Ken Casey started out by teasing the crowd, and then quickly brought his young son Liam on-stage to do the dirty work: smashing and ripping the head off of a Canadiens doll on a stick.

The crowd is not thrilled:

There were no reports of rioting in the city, and the band and its entourage reportedly left without any injuries.


It’s not the first time the band has trolled Canadian hockey fans — they featured a Bruins logo on their bass drum and walked onto a Vancouver stage in 2011 to Queen’s “We are the Champions’’ after the team beat the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

[h/t Vanyaland]

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