Two arrested after allegedly assaulting cab driver, leaving personal cards in back seat

Arlington Police say they arrested two men for allegedly assaulting a cab driver and refusing to pay their fare after they left personal bank cards in the vehicle’s back seat.

The men were travelling from the Alewife MBTA stop to an address in Arlington on Saturday night when the driver alerted them they had only paid for two dollars of their $20.00 cab fare and owed him money, police said. Christopher LaFrance, of Arlington, and Jacob Shaps, of Boston, then allegedly beat the driver and threw his cellphone out the window following an argument.

Police say the men were gone by the time they arrived, but the cab driver reported that LaFrance had “left behind several cards with his name on them.’’ They were then able to locate the suspects at LaFrance’s home address in Arlington, where the driver identified them as the alleged assailants.


The driver was not badly injured and refused medical treatment. LaFrance and Shaps are scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Cambridge District Court.