A Dead Whale Has Been Floating in Barnstable For 24 Hours

The dead whale washed up on the rocks at Barnstable Harbor.
The dead whale washed up on the rocks at Barnstable Harbor. –David Curran

Whale sightings are nothing new for Massachusetts, and the Cape in particular, but it’s usually a maritime activity that’s voluntarily chosen by people, not for them.

The latter has apparently been the case for anybody with eyes who visits Barnstable Harbor, where a dead whale has reportedly been floating and “tethered to a dock’’ for more than 24 hours.

The Cape Cod Times speculates that the deal mammal, which was first found Sunday morning, may be a minke whale measuring up to 14 feet long.

A spokesperson for the Barnstable Harbormaster’s office said the whale was first seen Sunday off the shores of Sandy Neck before it was found dead on shore. Officials expect to have the whale removed at some point today. The cause of death is yet unknown.


In recent months, our region has seen a Beluga whale in the Taunton River, a rare bowhead whale in Cape Cod Bay, and an “unusual amount’’ of whales in Scituate’s Stellwagan Bank.

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