BPD: Carjacking Suspect Tried To Sleep in Marked Cruiser After Posting Bail

Police say a sleepy carjacking suspect apparently decided to take a nap in a BPD cruiser on Sunday after posting bail for a separate crime he allegedly committed earlier in the day. Nicholas P. Cunliffe, 33, of Stratford, Conn. was first arrested on charges of motor vehicle larceny only to be arrested hours later for allegedly sleeping in the front seat of a marked police vehicle.

Cunliffe allegedly entered the police car— which was parked in front of the Harrison Ave Boston Police station– shortly after posting bail because police say he was looking for a place to rest. Officials shook Cunliffe from his slumber and arrested him again, this time on charges of breaking and entering a motor vehicle. It remains unclear how Cunliffe got into the cruiser.

The initial carjacking charges were pressed after the suspect allegedly stole an unattended cab near Hemenway and Boylston streets around 2:50 a.m.


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