Medway Can’t Find 24 Percent of its Water

The town of Medway has a problem: 100,000 gallons of water per day are unaccounted for.

Twenty-four percent of Medway’s water supply might be going down unknown drains, according to the The Milford Daily News. And that’s actually the good news. Last May, officials at a Board of Selectmen’s meeting said they thought 30 percent of the town’s water was missing. In a meeting scheduled for tonight, selectmen will be updated on the search for the absent H2O.

Tom Holder, director of Medway’s Department of Public Services, told that there are a number of reasons why the water could be missing, including unmetered connections to the water supply, leaks in its 74 miles of pipes, or errors in accounting for the water.


Asked if nearby towns might be illicitly soaking up some Medway’s water supply to green up their residents’ lawns, Holder said “it doesn’t look like any of our neighbors are tapping into our system.’’ You’re in the clear, Ashland.

“We still have a fair amount of work to continue with,’’ Holder said. “I’m confident we’ll find it.’’

The state Department of Environmental Protection is very interested to know where the water is, as, presumably, are Medway’s residents, who saw their water bills go up 4 percent in July. Holder wants to get the unaccounted for water percentage down to 10 percent.

Medway was designated a “green community’’ in 2011.

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